Staff Application

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Staff Application

Post by Lopadop on Thu Aug 13, 2015 4:49 pm

What is your first and last name? Trai Fisher

What is your age and in-game username? Lopadop (16)

What position are you applying for? Admin

For that position, why do you feel like you deserve the rank?

I deserve the rank because i can get alot more people to donate and get more people to join the server and get them to play on the server. I also deserve the rank because i can be a good friend to the community of the chat and help people out if they need it. I will also try and get more people to like the server and get more runs.

In what ways would you help the server if you got the rank?

Try and get more people to donate and make sure that the server is good in chat and also get some on my friends to come and play on the server and they will bring there friends. Also get more people to like and fav the mod-pack (Like i said up top) Try and get more people to play more.

How often can you be on per day/week? (Example: 7 hours a day, Monday through Friday)
I can get on 2-3 days a week if i am not busy.

[] -- Warnings -- []
To apply you must be 14 years of age or older.
If you have had a previous ban on our network you will not be able to apply.
You must have played more than 1 day(24 hours in-game) on the server


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